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Bronzallure WSBZ00048GR


Nothing is more timeless than a genuine heart pendant necklace with natural stone, carefully cut and faceted in a bold heart shape: a luminous and natural finishing on the front and a comfortable flat surface to sit on your body express the care, and detailed studies of proportions and wearability behind every jewelry creation by Bronzallure.   Enjoy the organic beauty of onyx and the powder pastel tones of delicate, romantic quartz stones: dare to speak the language of love! A bold and long rolo necklace in the iconic 18 kt rose gold plated Golden Rose blend, featuring a gorgeous pendant: the ideal carryover and the ultimate gift for her, no matter her age and taste in jewelry. Match it with our rolo bracelets and genuine gemstones for a cascade of elegance, season after season, hour after hour; collect them all to accommodate your mood and color of the day.