The jewellery you've always wanted but just couldn't find, the matching wedding band nobody carries, the heirloom piece you'd love to restyle, Grandma's diamond you'd love to wear, or the special moment you'd love to celebrate.

Victor Lair's custom jewellery design allows you to create a special one of a kind piece to express your individuality, created for your personality.

We invite you to call and schedule a one on one no obligation design  consultation with our knowledgable staff.  Our design staff will guide you through the entire process.

We ask that you come prepared to bring in your pieces of jewellery and/or ideas for us to explore your style preferences. We will discuss stones, metals and the various options for  design using visuals, reference materials and our showcase goods.

Once these details have been agreed upon, our design consultant will work with our CAD specialists to create a computer generated image for you. Any changes or adaptations take place at this time. Once a CAD rendering has been approved - it's off to manufacturing !

We'd love to work with you, if you have any further questions regarding the custom design process, please give us a call or get in touch via social media outlets.